Laser removal ot tattoos.


This procedure is indicated for the removal of tattoos in various parts of the body. Some colors respond very poorly (yellow, green etc.). Tattoos in dark colors are more easily treated.


The Tattoo Removal may be carried out using two different methods:

  • SURGICAL REMOVAL: this has the advantage of permanently removing the tattoo in one treatment sessionregardless of the depth and color of the pigment, but it will cause a residual scar.
  • LASER TREATMENT: this has the advantage of leaving very little scarring but at the same time it requires several lengthy treatment sessions in order to obtain the desired results. In fact, several treatment sessions are needed with an interval between each one of about 20 days. Moreover, depending on the type of color and the depth of the pigment, the complete removal of the tattoo cannot be guaranteed.

The choice of the method obviously depends on the location, size, color and depth of the tattoo.

Hospital stay

The Tattoo Removal is carried out as an outpatient and no anesthetic is necessary.

Recovery time

The patient generally experiences some swellingtous skin reaction that clears up within 2-10 days.