Rebuilding of the breast after partial or total mastectomy.


Breast Reconstruction is generally carried out after the patient, for oncological reasons, has undergone a mastectomy. In such cases it may be necessary to reconstruct the breast and sometimes also the nipple-areola complex.


This procedure consists in the reconstruction of the breast that, according to each individual case, may be carried out using different techniques.

The most common technique involves the initial use of a skin expander that after 3-4 months is substituted with the final prosthesis.

Another technique, which is undoubtedly more complicated, involves the use of tissue from the patient’s abdominal area that makes it possible to reconstruct the breast without any prosthesis (T.R.A.M.).

In any case, the nipple-areola complex is generally reconstructed in a subsequent operation carried out as an outpatient under local anesthetic.

Hospital stay

The Breast Reconstruction is carried out under general anesthetic and requires an over-night stay in hospital.

Recovery time

The post-operative period of the Breast Reconstruction surgery varies depending on the surgical technique used.

In the case of a breast reconstruction carried out using prosthesis, after the operation the patient has to wear an elastic bra for about 20 days and will be able to resume normal activities after about 2 weeks.

If instead the reconstructive method used is with the abdominal flap (T.R.A.M.), the period in hospital is longer and the return to normal life will take some weeks.