Remodeling of the shape of the breast without the use of prosthetics.


The aim of the Breast Lift is to remodel saggingand ptotic breasts without altering the volume.

Such a condition is quite common in women after breastfeeding or due to aging. Generally in theses cases the nipple-areola complex is enlarged and falling forward, the upper areas of the breast are emptied and all the glandular volume is concentrated in the lower area of the breast where there is often an excess of skin.


The Breast Lift procedure aims to lift and reduce the diameter of the nipple-areola complexto improve the shape of the breastand to remove excess skin.

Hospital stay

The Breast Lift operation is carried out under general anesthetic and will involve an overnight hospital stay.

Recovery time

The patient may resume their normal daily activities about one week after the Breast Liftsurgery and in the meantime should wear an elastic bra for about 20 days. The final results from an aesthetic point of view may be appreciated after 2-3 months.

It is important to underline that this type of operation will have no effect on the functioning of the mammary glands, and as such the ability to breastfeed remains intact. Moreover, the possibility to carry out routine breast check-ups such as mammograms and breast palpation will remain unaltered.

Mastopessi (Lifting del Seno)
Mastopessi con Protesi (Lifting del Seno)