Improvement of the size and shape of the breast using prosthetics of either an anatomical or round shape.


The Breast Augmentation is indicated in order to increase the volume and improve the shapeof the breast.

This operation is ideal for those patients who, either for congenital reasons or due to breast-feeding and sometimes also following an excessive and unexpected diet, have a reduced breast size.


The Breast Augmentation consists in an increase in the size, and reshaping of the breast, through the implantation of a prosthesis: the size of the implant is established together with the patient respecting both the wishes of the patient and the body proportions so as to obtain as natural results as possible.

In order to simulate the final results the BioDynamic™ system is used. Currently the prostheses that are used are cohesive silicone implants that can either be round or anatomical (tear-drop).

The quality of the implant is of fundamental importance: the best ones have a guarantee that covers eventual replacements in case of breakage.

BioDynamic™ Breast Analysis


BioDynamic™ is an innovative solution in order to help you in your choice of the best implant size for your body and considering your personal wishes. The BioDynamic™ system is made up of:

  • software package for the collection and elaboration of the measurements of the patient.
  • A database containing over 300 typologies of breast implantsvarying in shape and size.
  • A graphic interface to select the different possible breast implants and to visualize the final effect of the choice made.
  • “Sizing Kit” to wear in order to simulate the real effects of the implants before having the procedure.


Hospital stay

The Breast Augmentation surgery is carried out under general anesthetic and will involve an overnight hospital stay.

Recovery time

The patient may resume their normal daily activities about one week after Breast Augmentation surgery and in the meantime should wear an elastic bra for about 20 days. The final results from an aesthetic point of view may be appreciated after 2-3 months.

It is important to underline that the Breast Augmentation will have no effect on the functioning of the mammary glands, and as such the ability to breastfeed remains intact. Moreover, the possibility to carry out routine breast check-ups such as mammograms and breast palpation will remain unaltered.

Mastoplastica Additiva con Incisione Ascellare
Mastoplastica Additiva con Incisione Periareolare
Mastoplastica Additiva con Incisione dal Solco Inframammario