Improvement in the shape of the nose and the respiratory function.


Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) is indicated when there is a dysmorphism in the shape of the nose that affects both the bone and the cartilage parts of the nose. Very often (even if the patient may not report breathing problems) this is also associated with functional disturbances related to a nasal septal deviationand a turbinate hypertrophy.

The aim as such is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose and, at the same time, its respiratory function.


The Nose Surgery procedure may be carried out under either general anesthetic or local anesthetic with sedation and involves the reshaping of the osteocartilaginous skeleton of the nasal pyramid.

It is sometimes necessary to combine the correction of the septal deviation and the turbinate hypertrophy.

Hospital stay

The Nose Surgery will require an over-night hospital stay.

Recovery time

In the Nose Surgery post-operative period the patient will have swelling and bruises for about 10 days and for the same period they will need to wear a small splint to immobilize the nasal pyramid. After this period it is possible to return to a normal social life. The final results may be appreciated after about 2 months.

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