Reduction in size and remodeling of the male breast.


Male breast reduction is indicated for men who have a hypertrophy of the mammary glands (a real gynecomastia) or of the adipose tissue of the breast (pseudogynecomastia or fatty ginecomastia).


The male breast reduction consists in a reduction in size and remodeling of the breastthrough the use of liposuction-liposculture. Only very rarely is it necessary to surgically remove the mammary gland.

Hospital stay

Male breast reduction may be carried out:

  • under local anesthetic as an out-patient;
  • under general anesthetic with a one day stay in hospital.

Recovery time

The patient may resume his normal daily activities about 2-3 days after the Breast Reduction surgery and should wear an elastic compression vest for about 2-3 weeks. The final results of the operation may be appreciated after 2 months.