Removal of excess skin from the eyelids and improvement in the appearance of “bags”.


The eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is suitable for people who have drooping eyelids or “bags” in the upper or lower eyelids, which can often result in a look of sadness or tiredness.

The aim is, therefore, to restore, albeit maintaining a natural look, a fresher and firmer appearance to the area around the eyes.


The eyelid surgery involves both the restoring of muscular tone in the eyelids and removing adipose tissue around the eye, and if necessary taking away any excess skin.

Hospital stay

The eyelid surgery operation is carried out under local anesthetic as an outpatient.

Recovery time

For a few days after the eyelid surgery the patient will have swelling and bruises around the area that has been treated. It takes around one week in order to return to a normal social life. The final results may be appreciated after about 2 months.

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