Surgery to pin back prominent ears (flap-ears).


Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) is indicated for those patients who have a dysmorphism in the shape of the ear, which generally consists in an excessively prominent auricle (protruding ears).


Ear Surgery is carried out under local anesthetic with sedation. The aim of the Ear Surgery is to obtain a more natural appearance of the earsby repositioning and reshaping the auricular cartilage.

Hospital stay

The Ear Surgery operation is carried out as an outpatient and as such does not require an over night stay in hospital.

Recovery time

In the post-operative period after the Ear Surgery, the patient will have swelling and bruises for about 5 days and for the same period they will need to wear an elastic compression bandage. The operation will not leave visible scarring. It is possible to return to a normal social life after about 5-6 days. The final results may be appreciated after about a month.