Reduction in size and improvement in the shape of the breast.


Breast Reduction is indicated in those cases in which a reduction in the size of a large or disproportionately large breast, considering the size of the thorax, is desired (gigantomastia).

Sometimes a large breast may be associated with vertebral pain and forward curving of the backdue to excessive breast weight. In older people, skin problems of dyshidrosis and sub infections due to stagnant perspiration may be present which may compromise personal hygiene in the infra-mammary fold.


The Breast Reduction procedure involves a remodeling and a reduction in the size of the breast .

This is obtained by lifting and reducing the diameter of the nipple-areola complex, improving the shape of the breast and reducing its volume. The extent of the reduction is established together with the patient respecting their wishes and their body proportions in order to obtain a natural result.

Hospital stay

The Breast Reduction operation is carried out under general anesthetic and will involve an overnight hospital stay.

Recovery time

The patient may resume their normal daily activities about one week after the Breast Reduction operation and in the meantime should wear an elastic bra for about 20 days. The final results from an aesthetic point of view may be appreciated after 2-3 months.

It is important to underline that the Breast Reduction operation will have no effect on the functioning of the mammary glands, and as such the ability to breastfeed remains intact. Moreover, the possibility to carry out routine breast check-ups such as mammograms and breast palpation will remain unaltered.

Furthermore, it is possible to carry out partial prophylactic surgery in the case of breast pathologies: removing part of the gland in fact reduces the amount of tissue potentially at risk of carrying degenerative pathologies, and this tissue may be used in order to eventually perform histological checks.