Last year I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Giammatteo Cecchini. Where is his Plastic Surgery clinic? It is in Pisa, very close to San Rossore Medical Centre. I really can say that I couldn’t ask for a better person. From the first time he has been attentive to my needs, he followed me both as a patient and as a person. I was always scared about surgeries, but now I can tell that thanks to Dr. Cecchini I had a beautiful experience and above all I found a great man and a wonderful professional who had respect for me and for my fears; above all he is a man who works with professionalism, integrity and willingness. I will never forget what he did for me, both as a man and as a doctor. Thank you for everything. Also, I would like to thank all his staff who was around me all the time and never left me alone. Thank you doctor, I couldn’t ask for a better person, you has been an angel for me, you helped me to overcome my fears. I will never forget your smile and your willingness towards me, you are a great man as well as being a great doctor who works with love, respect and professionalism. Thank you so much.  


would like to thank Dr. Cecchini because he gave me a breast which today I admire with joy.

The clear sign of the great success of this surgery is the fact that I got used to my new breast very easily, as I always had it. 

Now that I am writing my experience I realize that from the first meeting until now I have felt looked after and supported with respect and competence. Thanks!


About 6 months ago I had the pleasure to have a rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Cecchini and I was 100% satisfied. I couldn’t have asked for better!

Finally my nose shape is adequate to my face and my fine features conform with my countenance.

Dr. Cecchini has always been very careful about everything and I want to thank him for taking care of me during all the period. I certainly recommend him. Thanks again.


I write you to thank you for the wonderful experience I had, that was not just an operation.
I always thought that my breast was a flaw but at the same time I hated breast surgeries because they make women look unreal. Thanks to your job my breast looks natural, with the right size that is suitable for my body and (as I told you the last time”) it is mine!
Thank you again, if now I have one less thing to worry about it is because of you.


In 2007 I had breast augmentation with great success, a natural breast in harmony with my body. Ten years apart I suggested Dr. Cecchini to my daughter who was very satisfied about the result.

If we had to give an advice to someone who wants to have this kind of surgery, we would recommend Dr. Cecchini because he, besides doing his job with remarkable precision, is a very reliable and helpful person.


Good evening Dr. Cecchini, after our last visit and after 6 months from my tummy tuck surgery, I really want to thank you for the great job you did.

I feel like I am a new person. Due to the diet I went on and my new choice of food, that allowed me to lose 31 kg during 14/15 months, I had flabby tummy and I wasn’t happy.

After Dr. Meschino suggested me to meet you, I took an appointment with you and since the first time I have understood that you would satisfy my wish.

You prepared me to every single part of the pre-surgery with accuracy and you explained to me the post-operative progress. The hospital stay at the Clinic was excellent, I felt taken care of by a professional staff in a very good place. You followed me in every phase and you were always willing to answer my questions.

Today that you tells me that I have “recovered” and that scars are softening and the muscle wall is hardening and after turning from a size 60 to a size 50, I can say that I am really satisfied.
The surgery was very important and difficult but you always made me feel safe and calm and the results speak for themselves. I suggest to everybody in my situation to make this decision if they don’t feel good with themselves.

See you soon and thank you again.


Thank you Dr. Giammatteo Cecchini, how can I thank you for you willingness, your kindness, your professionalism. I will never forget what you did for me, as a doctor and as a person. Thank you again.


I did a breast augmentation with Dr. Cecchini on february 2017. Before the surgery, Dr. Cecchini illustrated to me every single phase of the pre-operative and post-operative progress.
The result was great, Dr. Cecchini was very kind and willing to answer every single questions.