Treatment of Cellulite with Radio frequency, Endermologie, Cavitation, Velashape.


The Treatment of Cellulite is indicated in order to improve the appearance of the skin of the lower limbs when sagging and “dimpling” is present, and when there is a tendency to have swelling on the lower limbs from venous and lymphatic stasis.


The word “cellulite” is a very generic term that is generally a synonym for flaws in the gluteal region of the lower limbs. It includes various and very different pathological situations such as:

  • Excess body weight,
  • swelling on the lower limbs from venous and lymphatic stasis,
  • localized lipomatosis,
  • reduction in skin and muscle tone.

The Treatment of Cellulite, therefore, includes various methods which, according to each individual case, can be combined and associated, such as:

The use of VELASHAPE is one of the most modern procedures for the non-invasive treatment of cellulite. It unites three types of energy that are applied together: vacuum, infra-red light and radio frequency. It involves passing a roller over the surface of the skin according to precise movements. The treatment sessions last about 30-50 minutes depending on the area being treated.

One treatment session a week is recommended for a total of 10 treatments. Depending on each individual, one maintenance session per monthis expected.

Hospital stay

The Treatment of Cellulite is carried out as an outpatient.

Recovery time

The patient may resume their normal activities immediately.