Augmentation of the chin using Hyaluronic Acid or other non-invasive methods.


The Use of Fillers is indicated in order to increase the volume of the chin in cases of hypoplasia.



By using Fillers, the Augmentation of the Chinis immediate and painless. It is carried out by injecting specific substances into the chin.

Some of these fillers are permanent (metacrilato, etc.) while others are resorbable (hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid, hydroxyapatite). In the case of the latter the procedure is repeated over time: generally after 8-12 months.

Among all the fillers the most preferable is non-animal stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA): this is a substance which is naturally present in our organism and as such it does not require any tolerance tests (allergy tests). Moreover, the use of this product has a bio-revitalization effect on body tissue as it stimulates the endogenous production of Hyaluronic Acid. This results in a better hydration of the tissues.


In this case the Augmentation of the Chin is obtained through a small fat transfer from the abdomen or the inferior limbs of the patient using a micro-cannula.

The fat, after it has been spun and purified, is injected into the chin. The adipose cells will then stabilize themselves permanently even though some of them will be reabsorbed.


In this case the Augmentation of the Chin is obtained by surgically inserting a silicon (or other material) prosthesis through a buccal vestibular incision above the jawbone.

The operation is carried out as an outpatientunder local anesthetic. The patient will have swelling and bruising for some days and as such it takes about 10 days before the patient can resume their normal social life.

Hospital stay

The procedure is carried out as an outpatient under local anesthetic.

Recovery time

In the case of using fillers or lipofilling, the patient may have a slight redness and swelling on the chin for 2-3 days. Normal activities may however be resumed after 2-3 days.

Aumento del Mento con Acido Ialuronico