Injection into the skin of the face and body of Hyaluronic Acid and vitamins to restore and prevent aging of the skin.


The Bio-revitalization is a non-invasive treatment suggested in order to improve the tone and skin tropism of the face. Moreover, this treatment counteracts the skin’s aging process.


Bio-stimulation and bio-revitalization are medical procedures that make it possible to improve the tropism and hydration of the skin in different parts of the body like, for example:

  • the face,
  • the neck,
  • décolleté ,
  • the arms,
  • the legs,

The treatment involves one session every month to be repeated about three times. It consists in intradermal microinjections of nutritive and hydrating substances such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which bio-revitalize the skin improving the tone, elasticity and thickness.

Hospital stay

The Bio-revitalization of the face and the body is carried out as an outpatient.

Recovery time

After the Bio-revitalization the patient can resume their normal activities immediately.