Augmentation of the gluteus using non-invasive methods.


The Augmentation of the Gluteus is indicated in order to remodel the gluteal region, redesigning the natural curves of the body in those patients who do not wish to undergo surgical intervention.


The Augmentation of the Gluteus is carried out as an outpatient under local anesthetic injecting hyaluronic acid (MACROLANE™) at the level of the sides of the buttocks and the legs.

The effect lasts for about 12-18 months. In order to maintain the aesthetic results of the treatment it is necessary to have periodic “top-up” treatment (on average every 12 months) that however requires a smaller dosage of the substance.

An alternative technique is that of using a transfer of adipose tissue from another part of the patient’s body (Lipofilling). In this case the procedure is carried out surgically.

Hospital stay

The treatment is carried out as an outpatientunder local anesthetic and the results are immediate.

Recovery time

After the Augmentation of the Gluteus, the patient may resume their normal activities immediately.