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  • 25 July 2018

Last year I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Giammatteo Cecchini. Where is his Plastic Surgery clinic? It is in Pisa, very close to San Rossore Medical Centre. I really can say that I couldn’t ask for a better person. From the first time he has been attentive to my needs, he followed me both as a patient and as a person. I was always scared about surgeries, but now I can tell that thanks to Dr. Cecchini I had a beautiful experience and above all I found a great man and a wonderful professional who had respect for me and for my fears; above all he is a man who works with professionalism, integrity and willingness. I will never forget what he did for me, both as a man and as a doctor. Thank you for everything. Also, I would like to thank all his staff who was around me all the time and never left me alone. Thank you doctor, I couldn’t ask for a better person, you has been an angel for me, you helped me to overcome my fears. I will never forget your smile and your willingness towards me, you are a great man as well as being a great doctor who works with love, respect and professionalism. Thank you so much.